Delay Reducer - Reducing Dota delay

Delay Reducer
"Reducing delay Warcraft III - Dota "

Can reduce the delay in Warcraft III dota games in particular we find that sometimes when other people join the room as well as delay when we join in a network / LAN (Local Area Connection). DR is the version can be used in patch 1.24, but in case of FE when logged b-net, sign in again. In general, a message the FE will occur the first time you log on b-net.
If the error when the application is served, meaning you have to install NET Framework Version 2.0 on your pc first

How to use:
1. Double-click w3dr.exe
2. Wait about 1 minute, let warcraftnya kebaca in w3dr
3. Sign in warcraft 3
4. First test in lan games, create games folder what is important aja host
5. Type! Dr 100 in the lobby game
6. If dr successful run smoothly, then there is writing W3DR: 100ms
7. Dr means you are ready to play, just set the delay as you please, but if can give advice, he wore! Dr 70th safest.

! dr xx
Change the latency in the game
Checking ping each player
Checking the state where the players play masing2
! dri
Knowing the version of DR used

Dr The more you reduce, the more likely the enemy / friend you spike. If there are friends / enemies that spike, could be in his naikin again dr.

Dr. Lan's game normally 100, Garena is normally 50 dr. So if you pake! Dr 70 is definitely more smoothly than lan game. Dr. Ian is also useful for playing games

DR = http://www56.indo*web*
NET Framework Version 2.0 = http://www27.indo*web*
Erase *** node

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  1. Thank you. I've been looking for this program(with the how-to steps). I don't know why the players in our place always look for DR and suddenly leave when the host doesn't have.

  2. thanks i hope you like it!!!

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