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 MMO RPG Crystal Saga Online

Crystal Saga is a refined free-to-play 2.5D browser MMORPG. Not only does it offer a vast virtual world, but also features a captivating and detailed storyline. Players may choose from five available classes: Mage, Knight, Priest, Ranger and Rogue. Explore and discover the wide variety of attainable mounts, weapons and items. Find a group and take down wild beasts and barbarians, gaining glory and equipment to aid your progress. Tame a slew of available pets, aiding you and your group in battle. Participate in one of the many daily contests, events and dungeons that Crystal Saga has to offer. Choose one of five classes, battle monsters, go on quests, capture and train pets, transform your mounts, and more. Also known as 魔神战纪 in China.

Story Of Cyrstal Saga Online

In the beginning, the universe was merely a mass of chaos. Rolling thunder accompanied by lightning raged across the world, while the hot and scorching sun baked the Earth's surface till it boiled. It was a lifeless world filled only with deathly still and dust.

The scorching sun's intense heat lit up till even the evenings shone red, obscuring the glittering of the stars. The Father of the Universe couldn't bear the state of things, and immediately drew a breath-taking shade of white with his finger, as breath-taking as suddenly being immersed in cold water, wringing figures out of his imagination, the white light from his magic streaking across the sky encompassing small and large, and in an instant, it flooded the entire planet. Crushed stone flew in all directions, yellow sand obscured the sun, and scorching crust emerged from the Earth, as if exhibiting its own newly-born grace. This rebirth shook the Earth to its very core.

A tremendous force ramming the Earth dislodged it from the scorching heat, allowing the originally dry ground to become soft and moist. Due to the tremendous force having struck Earth, crevices and rifts were everywhere. From the marsh-like ground, a crystal liquid poured forth, flowing into the rifts and crevices, becoming oceans and rivers, moistening the Earth's wounds. The Father of the Universe once again had the Mother Goddess sprinkle forth the seed of life. The seed of life secreted an outer shell while still in the air, and entered the soil as the "Crystal of Life". The Crystal emitted enormous amounts of energy, affecting all life-forms in the vicinity, stimulating all their life's energy, causing them to grow and develop at abnormal speeds. In an instant, green lifeblood sprang forth like the shifting of the tides, blotting out the sky and Earth. The people named the planet Vidalia to commemorate the Mother Goddess having created life.

The forests were dense with plant growth allowing them to nurture the emissaries of life. The life and nature loving elven rangers appeared at the same time the Crystals fell from the sky. The dexterous skill and remarkable sight of the Elves made them natural marksmen, but they never even killed the smallest of animals. To thank the Earth Mother for creating life, they built a sacrificial altar, and guarded the Crystals with their life.

Many centuries later, another life-form appeared in the forest of the Elves: Humans. They developed with time and gradually became the dominant force on Earth. They slowly began to poke their noses into the Forest of the Elves, and attempted to seize the Crystal of Life. Yet the Elves used their elven precision ranger to obstruct the humans at every turn. Humans began to develop hostility for Elves. The Earth Mother begot life, while life begot Undead. The hate of humans prompted Undead to grow increasingly more powerful. Not long after, the Undead brought their entire army with great ambition and swept all across the Earth in a bloody whirlwind, leaving behind barren wastelands and countless massacres. Many creatures were affected by the smell of death and began to change not only in appearance, but also in manner. They became violent and wild, unscrupulously tearing at anything they saw. A desert waste replaced a once prosperous capital city. It was then when humanity came to its senses and sought help from the Elves. The Elves buried the past and allowed the humans to enter their forest.

The Undead feared the power of the Crystal, having no alternative but to surround the Forest of the Elves, but that's not the reason they desisted; they seemed to be waiting for something. At that moment, a ray of light appeared in the Forest of the Elves, the ray of light grew increasingly larger, emitting strange waves that spread out in all directions. Finally, the light turned into a mirror spanning a diameter of 20 meters. The mirror's surface looked like a distorted void; any light that touched it disappeared without a trace. A dark violet incantation shuttled along back and forth the edges of the mirror's surface. Suddenly, the violet light burst forth, expanding violently, causing everyone to cover their eyes. In an instant, the purple light disappeared completely. With surprise, everyone noticed where once plain hollow air was, now stood several hundred strangers with figures that flowed bizarrely and mysteriously.

They were the ancient descendants of The Father of the Universe who inherited his vast magic. They had the ability to cast spells containing vast amounts of ancient magical might. Yet, they were a cursed race; their ephemeral life-spans not allowing them to take on their original bodies, that is, the body of The Father of the Universe. Mages, they were called. For centuries, they held themselves aloof from the world, yet their arrival today to this place of the birth of life was for a reason. The possession of the Crystal is their only hope for undoing the curse, and they came to protect their hope.
The arrival of the Mages to the Forest of the Elves put the Undead just outside in a state of great panic. In one of the Mage’s hands, a bright light suddenly lit up, and in the blink of an eye, all other Mages followed suit, hundreds of bright lights glowed like a myriad of stars. The lights lit up the night sky, also signaling the beginning of the end of the Undead. Kargon's magic burst through into the Undead ranks and ignited into fireworks of destruction, and the Undead suffered a blow unlike any before and were thrown into chaos. The beginnings of a smile could be seen on the anguish-filled faces of the people. Yet those smiles never reached their eyes.

The lamentations of the Undead echoed into the night as the magic's speed and range steadily increased. Black cyclones raged across the ground, its ferocity not even leaving behind charred remains of Undead. Black lightning and tornadoes reflected on each other as their speeds reached extremes. Suddenly, a crimson-blood light cut the cyclone straight down the middle, and at once, the piercing cold gale disappeared without a sound, and a terrifying figure appeared in their midst, beating gargantuan bone wings. Its black cloak couldn't hide its terrifying countenance. A gigantic, dark red scythe was suspended in the air behind it; dark lightning representing death shuttled back and forth above the scythe's blade.

The normally slack expression on the faces of the Undead began to emit a pale blue light as soon as the Undead War Chief appeared, and the aura of the Crystals of Life no longer had the power to keep them at bay, the Undead War Chief took his Undead army and charged into the forest. The numbers of the Elves dwindled as did the Mages, and the humans cry tears of despair and regret.

As the Undead War Chief began to laugh in madness, in anticipation of his impending victory, the Elves and Mages stopped their resistance, and the adult elves began to chant a song of elegant grace, and the bodies of the Mages began to light up in violet flames. Under the guidance of the Crystal of Life, they floated to the heavens as their bodies emitted a faint radiance, the hazy radiance going from faint to bright. The Undead War Chief perceived the new threat and vainly attempted to thwart them. Hundreds of lights lit up, like a clear starry night, not only lighting up the heavens, but also the hearts of men. It was then that humanity knew how insignificant their own power was; it was then that they became conscious of the fact that to protect was the true essence of power. As the Elves and Mages used the power of life as their guide, the Crystal of Life emitted a brilliant radiance. And in an instant, the brilliant radiance flooded the forest, flooded the night, flooded the heavens, and finally flooded the planet.

Just when the people were about to celebrate, a deep crack spread all across the Crystal of Life, the rattling sound of the break waking the entire world with a start, and the Crystal of Life was broken into five pieces. Four of the shards flew off in four different directions, and finally the last shard, which was gold, floated down and laid itself upon the altar, dark, and void of any radiance. And the sound of the Undead War Chief resounded in the heavens, "I shall have my vengeance!"

Game Guide Crystal Saga Online
 There are 5 different playable classes in Crystal Saga. Each class has two skill trees and several builds available.


Knight – Tank, Melee DPS. With a sturdy physique and the ability to equip the heaviest of armor, Knights have no qualms about standing on the front lines to protest their allies.

Retribution: Area physical damage
Protection: Defense, threat and armor


  • Fierce Attack - Only need level 1 since increasing it to level 5 doesnt gives you much attack power
  • Improved Fierce Attack - Same as Fierce Attack
  • Slayer Swipe - Same as above, and also you get improved Slayer Swipe later which gives a lot more attack power
  • Slayer Swipe - Now this skills gives a lot of Damage Output 20% + 1034 at level 1 this is definitely worth upgrading to level 5
  • Valiant Slash - Same as Fierce Attack
  • [Saber Slash - Same as Above 
  • Crucify - This is skill gives 12% + 776 at level 1 and also is an AoE Deals ranged effect to enemies in a line 
  • Reckoning - This is a really good skill for pvp since it will purge your enemy from buffs 
  • Iron Blood - This skill gives a great permanent bonus to physical damage 
  • Slow - Required for Charge 
  • Charge - This is a great skill for pvp since you charge towards your enemy slowing his movement by 50% for 4 seconds 
  • Revenge - Although it gives a nice physical damage bonus it requires you having less than 70% health so meh 
  • Improved Iron Blood - Now although this skill reduces your physical defense, the bonus it gives to physical damage I'ts so great that is definitely worth upgrading to level 5 
  • Bolt of Justice - This is a great skill for interupting spellcasting   
Knights are skilled in swordsmanship and close-combat. They are the only tanking class and protection knights are high in demand. Knights are easily to level with their high defenses and strong attacks. 

Since knights have a strong inclination for close combat, ranged classes have an advantage over them. Knights tend to have strong armor and defenses, but kiting is usually their downfall. A good knight should always keep range in mind although this issue isn't much of a problem in PvE.


Priest – Healer, Support. Known for valuing the wellbeing of allies over their own lives, priests harness spiritual energies to protest and revitalize their companions.

Holy: Healing, support and resurrection
Blood: DoT and area control


  • *Light Heal* This is your basic healing. In lvl 1-40 just stay the level on lvl 1. This is very useful for PvE . Or if your at AFK mode this is important skill so you cannot die. This skill cost very low MP. 
    - At Level 1 HP will be restored 167% of healing stat + 18 At level 2. HP will be restored 172% + 100. Sorry I dont know the level 3 ,4 and 5 ill update this soon. (requires lvl 1)
  •  *Holy Light* This is your skill that will heal you over 12 seconds. In 1-40 stay this on lvl 1. This is very useful too in PvE while at AFK mode. Light Heal + Holy Light heal = 100% Sure you will not die in monsters. (except you kill so very high monsters like bosses.)
    - At Level 1 this skill will heal you over 12seconds 90hp per 2 seconds. At Level 2 122hp per 2 seconds. Dont know 3, 4 and 5. I'll update this soon.( requires lvl 10)
  • *Saint's Strength* I dont know. This skill is useless. This is just for support priest because this will increase your healing while lowering your magic dmg. So just lvl this on lvl 1. (requires lvl 20) 
  • *Healing Wave* Wooot. This is your best healing because you can heal your party members and yourself. But the cooldown sux. 12 secs.
    -At Level 1 this skill will heal party members 124% + 612. At level 2 124% + 680. Same, Dont know 3 , 4 and 5. Ill update this soon. lol. (requires level 30)

  • *Improved Holy Light* lol i think this is the best healing skill. good for PvE again.
    At Level 1 432hp per 2secs over 12 seconds. At level 2 470 per 2secs over 12 seconds. . again dont know the lvl 3 , 4 and 5. (requires level 50)

  • *Blood Beam* Max this . This is your basic attack skill from level 1 - 40.
-At level 5 80%Magic attack + 134 . + 4.5% Current HP. Sorry I can't see the lvl 1 . 2 .3 and 4. lol anyway thats not important . the important is max this skill. (requires lvl 1)
  • Life Drain* I dont know this skill.. nevermind this. just level this on lvl 1 (requires lvl 20)
  • Blood Pact* 'This is your nuke skill. This skill will damage your enemy so high. But Mine is only level 1. Maybe when your higher (45-60) try to add this for damage. but the cooldown sux. So you can only use this one time for one monster. >.<
    -At Level 1 80%Magic attack + 500 attack +6% current HP. - At Level 2. 80%Magic attack + 552 + 6.2% of current hp (requires lvl 30)
  • Improved Blood Beam* - This is your basic attack skill once you reached lvl 40+.
    '-At Level 1 80% Magic attack + 449 + 4% of current hp. At level 2 80% Magic attack + 487 + 4.1% of current HP.

*Tenacity* Just leave this on lvl 1.
- At level 1 Crit dmg reduced by 4%. At level 2 Crit dmg recued by 8% . Dont know 3, 4, and 5.
  • Bloodflow* Leave this on lvl 1
    -At Level 1 your attack will increase by 3% as long as you have hp above 70%. At level 2 your attack will increase 6%.
  • *Enchanced Circulation* Leave this on level 1.
- At level 1 Your HP rate will increase 8. While it reduces Incoming magic damage by 3%. At level 2 Your HP rate will increase 13. While it reduces Incoming magic damage by 6%.
- At level 5 you will receive 2989k HP
  • Bloodfog Totem* Dont know this yet. You will get this skill on lvl 60.
    - I think this skill will let you go stealth mode. XDD sorry dont know this yet. Nevermind this.
  • Curse Mastery* Will increase your HP and let you learn lvl 1 curses. Try to max this
    - At level 1 Max hp will increase 2%, lvl 2 Max hp will increase 4% , lvl 3 Max hp will increase 6% lvl 4 Max hp will increase 8% lvl 5 Max hp will increase 10%
NOTE . Once you receive blood beam skill. press V then put blood beam in DEFAULT this will your basic attack..

Hybrid Healing Priest Skill
  • Light heal: One of the best healing spells ever. You will use this the most. No cooldown, hefty cast time of 1.5 seconds. 
  • Holy light:This is when you want to add few extra heal points on top of light heal. Heal over time. If you want to get "Improved holy light" at a later level, leave this at very low level. This spell does not stack.
  • Saint's strength: This is when you want maximum amount of heals, call it "healer mode". This spell drains mp over time. MP drain can add up quite a bit. If you want to save mp then you do not have to use it. Use it when you absolutely must. Recast to deactivate.
  • Healing wave: This spell is instant cast, and is aoe, so when your tank or your teammates are dying real fast, simply cast this healing spell. Make sure you target the correct area. Has a cooldown of 12 seconds, be aware. If you are going to get Circle of Healing at lvl 80, then leave this low, which is unlikely. 
  • Improved Holy light: Better version of holy light. 
  • Grace: This spell has a hefty cast time of 3 seconds, and a terrible cooldown of 6. If you can manage the time, take it or leave it. 
  • Circle of Healing: Better version of healing wave. Short cooldown (4 seconds), awesome amount of heal, but increased cast time, by 1 second. I suggest if your party is seriously dying use both healing wave and circle of healing for a huge amount of heal at a short amount of time. 


Priests are the only healing class in Crystal Saga; most of their spells are centered around health, either leeching the health of their enemies or revitalizing their allies, but they also have a number of spells that buff the statuses of their allies. Their offensive spells are ranged, taking health or statuses away from their enemies and often taking it for themselves.


Although it is easy to see priests as the weakest available class particularly when their skills are focused on healing and support, priests have a number of remarkable abilities that make them difficult to kill when used appropriately. Unfortunately, staying alive relies heavily on their mana and they have essentially no other defenses.


Rogue – Stealth, Melee DPS. There one moment, gone the next. Taking advantage of stealth and devastating close range attacks, the rogue’s enemies often never knew what hit them.

Shadow: Quick single-target physical damage and invisibility
Combat: Stamina and hit-and-run control


  • High Damage
  • Poison
  • Bleed Effects
FULL STR : (distribute all attribute points towards strength)
Pros: Cons:
Immense Damage Low Hit Rating
Low Critical Strike Chance
Low Defense
To overcome cons, wear high hit gear. Avoid long fights when soloing and being a target in dungeons/pvp.

STR/END : (distribute two attribute points toward strength for every point towards endurance)
Pros: Cons:
High Damage Low Hit Rating
Medium Defense Low Critical Strike Chance
To overcome cons, wear high hit gear.

STR/AGI : (distribute two attribute points toward strength for every point towards agility)
Pros: Cons:
High Damage No unique strengths
Medium Defense Defense relies entirely on Dodge
Adequate Hit Rating
Good Critical Strike Chance
Recommended Talents
ICON # of Points Recommended NAME DESCRIPTION
1 Double Cut Deals 2 hits of PATK to a single enemy in melee range. Chance to cause target to lose health over 5s.
5 Blade Twist Deals PATK to single enemy in melee range while reducing that target's PDEF for 6s.
1 Triple-Strike Deals 3 hits of PAT to a single enemy target in melee range.
5 Improved Double Cut Vastly improved version of Double Cut. Same effects.
5 Lightstream Damages up to 5 enemies in a line. Use the 'Reversal' skill within 10s to increase its PATK.
5 Viper's Touch Attacks have a chance to poison the target, dealing DOT and reducing healing effect for 12s.
5 Reversal Damages up to 5 enemies in a line. 'Decimation' may be used within 10s of using this skill.
When these have been filled out, there will be three (3) leftover attribute points. These may be placed anywhere, but consider putting these points in Blur, Shadow Slap, and Slayer's Deftness (one each) for survivability.
Teeka (crystals) or Morphed Spectre (rare)
These pets increase the player's dodge rating while summoned.


Ranger - Control, Ranged DPS. Preferring to keep their enemies at a distance, skilled rangers utilize bows and traps to overcome opposition before reaching arm's length. Anti-Mage: Ranged physical DPS and magic resistance
Nature: Ranged magic DPS and traps



They're skilled at using long range weapons. They can also utilize traps very well.


Because of their long range fighting style, ranger defenses are low. Once in attack range, they can be taken down much more quickly than other classes because of their low defense but they have the ability to heal themselves.


Want to become a powerful nature type ranger?
Follow this then.
  1. First. If you're a nature type, then get only NATURE TYPE SKILLS. If you get a skill in anti-mage , YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO HAVE HIGH PATK Damage TO DEAL GREAT DAMAGE.
  2. Second. If your a nature type, then get pure INT. 
  3. Third. Your Set must be Physical Defence. It may combine with Physical Def. and Magical Def. like If your Armor is Physical Def. your Helm may be Magical Def. So its ok. 
  4. Fouth. Recommended Pet is also Mystical Scorpion'
    [QUESTION:How do i make a Mystical Scorpion?]
    [Answer: If you reach lvl 30 , theres a quest there that you can get a Rabid Racoon. Morph it with the Baby Turtle Mount you got from the Quest in Orison.]
  5. Fifth. Recommended Pet is a Healer Type or a Hitter Type. Like Burning Angel.
  6. Sixth. Recommended Items to become Top 1 PK Monster in Crystal Saga


Mage – Magic DPS, AoE. Masters of fire and ice, mages are able to use their magical abilities to wipe out packs of enemies with little effort.

Fire: Magic damage and AoE Control
Ice: AoE and single-target control

DPS – Damage per second
AoE – Area of effect
DoT – Damage over time.


  • Ice Cone - Attack increased by 36%+23 and movement speed -50 to a single target for 4 seconds 
  • Frost Shield - MP Regen increased by (i forget amount but its low) and Damage Reduced by 4% 
  • Blizzard(Level 10) - 110%+216, movement speed reduced by 70%, and can hit 15 targets. This spell has to channeled, moving cancels it lasts 4.5 secs. 
  • Alacrity(Level10) - Passive skill that increases casting speed by 3% and another 3% each level. 
  • Wind Strike(Level 20) - attack increased by 42%+322 to a single target. 
  • Magic Penetration(Level 20) - attacks have a chance to ignore you opponents defense values. and has a chance to proc. of 2% and an additional 2% per level. 
  • Halo of Ice(Level 30) - Roots enemies around caster for 3 seconds and can root up to 7 mobs. with an additional .5 seconds and 2 mobs each level. 
  • Deep Freeze(Level 30) -Your attacks do an additional 2% magic damage. and stackable up to 2 times. At level 2 its still 2% magic damage but can stack 4 times, i dont know how well this skill scales cause mines only level 1. 
  • Improved Ice Cone(Level 40) - attack increased by 36%+787, reduces targets move speed by 50% and lasts 4 seconds. and an additional 5% move speed per level. 
  • Mana Breeze(Level 40) - Restores a large amount of mana for 5 seconds. MP restored 12% with a cooldown of 130 seconds. With an additional 2% MP restored and 10 seconds off cooldown each level. 
  • Improved Blizzard(Level 50) - attack increased by 98%+982, movement speed reduced by 50% and hits up to 7 targets with a radius of 350 and hits 4 times. The max targets and mspeed reduction increase every level
  • .Frost(Level 50) - Attack ratio 40%, Bonus attack 982, and freezes a target for 3 seconds. Any damage done to target afterwards will cancel frozen status. 
  • Empyrean Winds(Level 60) - attack increased by 26%+1328 and knocksback a target. the knockback range is 180. The knockback range is increased by 30 each level. 
  • Improved Wind Strike(Level 60) - attack increased by 42%+1523 to a single target. 
  • Ice Blast(Level 70) - attack increased by 58%+1940, and deals an addition 482 damage every 2 seconds for 6 seconds. 
  • Icicle Armor(Level 70) - defense+48 and a 1% chance to freeze attackers for 3 seconds. This is a passive for when Frost Shield is on. The freeze wears off if target is hit, and gets 1% extra proc. rate every level. 
  • Black Hole(Level 80) - Summons a Black Hole in the target area. Deals magic damage and draws in enemies every second. attack ratio is 27%+302, hits 7 targets, and lasts 4 seconds. 
  • Master Ice Cone(Level 80) - attack increased by 36%+2317 an slowing targets move speed by 50% for 4 seconds + and additional 5 seconds move speed each level.


Mages have a plethora of magical abilities that attack, trap, and defend. The versatility keeps enemies guessing in PvP.


Other than their spells, they have little defense and much like priests are prone to losing mana thus losing the fight. Even more so than priests, they must be tactful when encountering melee classes and monsters. When they lose their health, they cannot simply regenerate it.

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